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  • Plastic extruder
  • High-speed mixer
  • PVC pipe production line
  • PE/PPR pipe production line
  • Plastic pipe co extrusion production line
  • Plastic profile production line
  • Wood-plastic profile production line
  • Plastic sheet production line
  • Plastic cleaning, recycling and granulating equipment
  • Plastic auxiliary machine

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High-speed mixer

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Our company is a professional manufacturer of plastic machinery enterprises, the main products are pipe production line, PVC/PE pipe production line, telephone: 13801567009
  • High-speed mixer

    High-speed mixer

  • Mixing Machine For Dust Collector

    Mixing Machine For Dust Collector

  • Cooling Mixer

    Cooling Mixer

  • Vertical Mixing Unit

    Vertical Mixing Unit

  • Horizontal Mixing Unit

    Horizontal Mixing Unit

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